.Masonry is the art of building a permanent construction by assembling elementary material. The mason is the artist!



An anti-root fibre used in the construction of drains



from 2 mm to 16 mm in a stronger or weaker proportion according to the duty required



The drain serves to channel water so to avoid it flowing into the interior of the habitation. It is composed of a protective seal against the walls, a gutter at the foot of the wall, a drainpipe covered by a bidim and hardcore to a thickness minimum of 0.60 m. The drain also serves to take away water from the outlet of septic pits.


Evacuation chimney

Pouzzolane concrete or terra cotta pre-fabricated units used for evacuation via chimney or other ventilation.



There are several types of flagstones or floors:

·         Flagstone, cast above the soil on hardcore (terrace, garage,…)

·         Full Flagstone, created in a form, reinforced, then cast, thickness varying according to its scope and the desired load.

·         Prefabricated Flagstone, with a minimum width of 0.60 m, ordered and manufactured to size in factory.

·         Flagstones from beams and hollow block in agglomerate, with variable thickness of the hollow block (12, 16 or 20cm) according to the range and of the load requested.



A foundation is composed of a weak mix of 5-10 cm underneath continuous reinforced coated in a strong concrete to a thickness minimum of 20 cm.




A homogeneous mixture of sand, cement or lime, and water. It is used for all elements of masonry: screed for tiling, surfaces, coatings, mixing with aggregate.


Reinforced concrete

Binding of concrete to a metal structure such as posts, beams, chaining, steel fabric.



Groundwork from mortar of sand and cement, leveled manually. Options are:

Screed with smooth cement finish

Bouchardé screed (with a motif drawn with a wheel)

Screed support for tiling or fitted carp


Structural walls

Often used in foundation and supporting walls, but more and more often also in walls of frontages and partitions. It is constructed with the helps of a vertical form on the two faces, then cast in concrete, coating with any type, reinforcing if necessary (steel fabric, posts, lintels…) and vibrated. The spaces for the openings (doors, windows…) are cased and set up before closing the form.



The threshold, like the windowsill, is an element of masonry in the lower part of an opening (main door, French window, garage door). Inclined towards the outside, it prevents the inflow of rainwater bringing a comfort to the access of a dwelling. It can be cast in situ and smoothed with gray or white cement mortar, or made of refractory bricks, tiles, terra cotta, slate, marble, stone or any other material resistant to freezing and running water.

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